“Si jo fos pescador / If I was a fisherman” (Joan Salvat-Papasseit)


Original Català

Si jo fos pescador pescaria l’aurora,
si jo fos caçador atraparia el sol;
si fos lladre d’amor m’obririen les portes,
si fos bandit millor
que vindria tot sol;

— els carcellers del món no em sabrien mai l’ombra,
si fos lladre i bandit no em sabrien el vol.

Si tingués un vaixell m’enduria les noies,
si volien tornar deixarien llurs cors:

i en faria fanals
per a prendre’n de nous.

Traducció a l’anglès – English Translation

If I was a fisherman, I would catch the dawn,
if I was a hunter, I would capture the sun;
if I was thief of love, the doors would be open,
if I was a bandit, even better,
since I would come all alone;

— the jailers of the world would never know my shadow,
if I was thief and bandit, they wouldn’t know
the flight.

If I had a boat, I would take the maids away,
if they wished to return, they would leave their hearts:

and with them I would make lanterns
to take hold of new ones.

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