Original Català 

Per a Sant Antoni
grans balles hi ha.
Per a Sant Maurici
tot el poble hi va.

N’hi van tres donzelles,
són de l’Empordà,
l’una diu a l’altra:
-I a tu, qui et traurà?

Anem donzelletes,
anem a ballar,
que l’Hereu Riera
ens hi farà entrar.

La primera dansa
la’n treu a ballar,
la segona dansa
la nova arribà.

Perdonin senyores
que me n’haig d’anar,
que la meva amada
a la mort n’està.

-Déu vos guard, Maria,
Maria, com va?
-Per a mi, Riera,
molt malament va.

Se’n gira d’esquena,
a l’església se’n va.
Davant d’un Sant Cristo
se’n va agenollar.

-Senyor, que m’ajudi
si em vol ajudar,
que em torni l’amada
que a la mort n’està.

Al cap dels nou dies
Maria es llevà,
a les tres setmanes
es varen casar.


Traducció a l’anglès – English Translation

On Saint Anthony’s day
great balls take place.
On Saint Maurice’s day
the whole village goes there.

Three maidens go to the ball,
they are from the Empordà,
one says to the other:
– who will ask you to dance?

Let’s go little maidens,
let’s go to the ball,
that Heir Riera
will let us step in.

She is asked
for the first dance,
but at the second
the news arrived.

Excuse me miladies
but I have to go,
because my beloved
soon she will die.

– May God be with you, Maria,
how is Maria?
– I reckon, Riera,
that she is very ill.

He turns his back,
and goes to the church.
In front of the Holy Christ
he goes down on his knees.

– Lord, please help me
if you want to help me,
give me back my loved one
who is at death’s door.

Nine days afterwards
Maria gets out of bed
and within three weeks
they got married.


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